What the iOS 7 Upgrade Brings to the Table

Apple rolled out their biggest software change since the original release of the iPhone in 2007: the new iOS 7 upgrade. People across the country downloaded the new software this week and are sharing insights about the new operating platform. Those who were worried about which phone to get and where to find the best iPad Mini case, or if they need an iPhone bumper case to protect their new iPhone 5c with its plastic casing, might be a little distracted with the transformation their current Smartphone or tablet is undergoing.

What has changed with iOS 7? The biggest difference is the new design, though there are definitely some new features that add tremendous value, such as the Control Center. With the new design, we’ve got different looking icons, new shades of light blue and violet, and a cleaner overall look. When you transition between screens, there is a completely different feel, as well as a Parallax effect.

ios7 Compatibility Chart

In addition to the modern new look and design that for several years you could only achieve for your device by getting the best iPad Mini case or other accessories, the search features are different. Instead of swiping left, users must swipe from the center down. If you swipe from the bottom upwards, you gain access to the Control Center that gives you fast access to all the important settings, such as wifi connectivity, screen brightness, volume, the built-in flashlight feature and more.

Siri isn't going anywhere with iOS 7—the difference is it’s now a male voice and is a bit smarter.  New camera, email, notes and photo apps look different and are better organized. And remember all those apps you were constantly having to update? Apple will now update them on its own.

Go get some durable protection for your smartphone or tablet. Whether you choose an iPhone bumper case or the best iPad case you can find, you’re going to have lots of new things to enjoy with your devices.

Image Credit: http://www.iphonehacks.com

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