Android Authority | The best Google Pixel Fold cases you can buy

Android Authority | The best Google Pixel Fold cases you can buy

Don't want your Pixel folding the wrong way? Here are some protective options.

By Curtis Joe

June 15, 2023

Google Pixel Fold opened up in garden
Kris Carlon / Android Authority

The Pixel Fold is one of Google’s most premium — and expensive — smartphones to date, starting at $1,799. To put that into context, that’s about as much as a Les Paul or a decent used car. That said, the phone is undeniably overflowing with high-end features, and it will receive at least five years of software updates from Google. To make sure it goes the distance, you will want to protect your investment with a proper case. Let’s go over the best Google Pixel Fold cases you can buy to help your Pixel Fold stand the test of time.

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The best Google Pixel Fold cases

  • Official Pixel Fold case from Google
  • Spigen Thin Fit
  • Spigen Ultra Hybird
  • Spigen Slim Armor Pro

Editor’s note: We’ll be updating this list of Google Pixel Fold cases as new options continue to become available.

Poetic has joined the Pixel Fold party with their famous Guardian series. This is a bulkier case that adds the utmost protection to your device. It encases the entire Pixel Fold from front to back, and has a built-in kickstand in the hinge protection area. This is our top recommendation if you feel like you’re prone to dropping your Pixel Fold a lot and want to protect the front screen as much as possible.

Poetic Spartan

Curtis Joe / Android Authority

Next up is yet another iconic rugged design from Poetic. The Spartan, like the Guardian, encases the entire Pixel Fold from front to back. The kickstand is located on the read panel instead of the hinge section, though, and the design is slightly different. That said, both cases accomplish the same thing: maximal protection for the Pixel Fold in the event of a drop.

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