About Us

We Are Poetic

Extraordinarily Durable, Distinctively Stylish

At Poetic, we help you protect your phone with style.

We’re as big on aesthetics as we are on authenticity. Take your pick from an incredible array of designs and styles.

Vibrant and creative.
The best is yet to come!


We hope to build trust and fulfillment with our consumer. We hope to attract like minded individuals to join us
to create a flow of openness and honesty.


Quality in life and in our daily tasks is something that we are extremely passionate about. We are committed and unwavering
in our pursuit for great experiences, products and content..


By understanding various views, values and cultures around the globe, we are truly global. Just like the founders of the company,
We aim to be respectful of all perspectives and points of view to truly innovate and coexist.

Our Identity

The way we think, our design aesthetics, colors, patterns and typography and mainly our logo and the way it is used says everything about
who we are and what we want people to perceive us as. Our Identity is clear but not rigid, we believe in consistency throughout,
whether it's a product, our web presence, our words or its our attitude towards everything.

Creative Vision

Our design philosophy revolves around 4 main aspects moving closely with our main values. We are creative naturally
and not by force. Our products are born out of a necessity rather than intuition. We are simple and authentic,
therefore our products and our creative process follow this vision.

Protection You Can Trust!